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Welcome to the Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application

The Coordinated Grant Application Process brings together separate funding sources utilizing a common application site. This site is used for the following types of applications:

  • Federal Kitsap County and City of Bremerton CDBG and HOME funds 
  • Local Affordable Housing and Homeless Housing grant funds
  • Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Therapeutic Courts 1/10th Treatment Sales Tax (MHCDTC), and 
  • Community Investments in Affordable Housing (CIAH) funds. 

We hope this online application is a positive and efficient experience for you and your agency. The site will be used by both Kitsap County and the City of Bremerton for the RFP's and NOFA's issued during 2023 for the 2024 application cycle. Agencies will be able to submit one Organization Information Application that can be used for all RFP's and NOFA's.

For information regarding the application process, including the schedules and instructions, visit our websites. Visit Kitsap County Coordinated Grant Application Process Page at and City Bremerton at

Getting Started

Click on General Instructions to download the instructions that will provide overall information on the steps to start and submit an application and how information is collected.  Download the files, by fund type as needed, to complete this application below.

For all Applications - Part 1

For Services Applications - Part 2

For Capital Applications - Part 2

For Shelter Operations - Part 2


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